Hair Extensions Are A Quick Way To Get A New Look

If you want a new look for your hair, but you don't want to wait months for your own hair to grow longer, then hair extensions are a good solution. You can buy them in a variety of lengths and colors, and when they're applied correctly, they look like your own hair. However, if you want, you can put in extensions that are blue or purple just for a different look. Here are things to know.

Hair Extensions Are Temporary Or Permanent

If you like to change the look of your hair often, temporary hair extensions are ideal. You can put them in yourself for the evening and remove them when you get home. Temporary synthetic extensions are also more affordable, so you can buy different colors and styles.

If you want a more permanent style while you're waiting on your hair to grow out, then permanent extensions made from human hair and applied by a hair stylist might be a better choice. These last for several months and are adjusted as your hair grows out so your style stays consistent. Permanent extensions can be washed and styled like natural hair.

Extensions Make Your Hair Longer Or Thicker

Discuss your goals with your hair stylist when you choose the type of extensions you get and the attachment method. If you want to keep your hair short, you may just want short extensions to add volume. If you want more length, you may want longer extensions. The way you usually wear your hair matters too since some attachment methods are better than others if you like to pull your hair up on your head or wear a ponytail.

Your hairstylist can recommend the right extensions and way to attach them to your hair while keeping your budget and goals in mind. If you change the look of your hair often, you may not care if your hair extensions don't look completely natural. If you want the same look daily as a substitute for your own hair, you probably want extensions that look natural even if they do cost more.

Hair Extensions Need Regular Maintenance

Your stylist will provide you with maintenance instructions for your extensions. You'll need regular visits to the hair salon to tighten and move the extensions back toward the roots of your hair as your own hair grows out. Plus, you'll need to care for your extensions properly at home.

You should use quality hair care products to keep the extension hair soft and manageable. You can comb and style the extensions just like real hair, but you should avoid heat. Your stylist can even put hair color on your extensions if you choose human hair. Keeping tangles out of your hair is important when you have extensions, and regular hair care and the use of detanglers can help.

To learn more about hair extensions, contact a hair and skin care service provider in your area.