Hair Loss Tips For Women

When you think about hair loss, you probably picture a balding man. While male pattern baldness is a well-known problem, women can suffer from hair loss as well. If you are a woman and have noticed that your head of hair doesn't seem as full as it once did, there are some things you can do to try and prevent further damage. Here are some hair loss tips for women to keep in mind.

Keep It Simple

Many women like to change up their hairstyle from time to time, but if you are suffering from hair loss, be aware that every time you try something elaborate, you might be literally pulling the hair out of your head. Avoid styles that pull on the hairline or really tighten things up. Braiding your hair, for example, or putting it into a tight ponytail is not helpful, given your current situation. Keep your hair looking relaxed, and you'll be able to minimize future loss.

Ditch the Hairdryer and Curling Iron

If you want to get serious about your hair loss, you might need to ditch the heat. Prolonged heat exposure can weaken your hairs and cause them to fall out. If you've been using a hairdryer after every shower, consider getting up earlier in the morning to allow your hair to air dry. If you've been using a curling iron to get the look you want, consider wrapping your hair in plastic curlers overnight instead.

Stop Changing the Color

Repeatedly exposing your hair to different chemicals such as those that dye your hair a different color can also cause a long-term problem. Again, your natural hairstyle is probably your best defense against future hair loss. If you simply must dye your hair, stick with that one color until it begins to change back naturally on its own. Switching it up every week is no longer something you can do if you want to keep your hair.

Talk to a Hair Restoration Specialist

If you've lost enough hair to this point that it has become noticeable, there are short-term solutions like wigs to consider. But if you want a permanent solution, you will need to reach out to a hair restoration professional. Hair restoration isn't just for men, in other words. A seasoned professional can try various different treatments that will not only slow down your current hair loss but might also promote future growth.

If you want to slow down your hair loss, keep your hairstyle simple and stay away from heat. For more best practices, talk to a hair restoration expert today.