3 Guidelines For Safe Laser Hair Removal In The Summer

Summer is almost here, and for many people, this means that it's time to break out their swimsuits and summer wardrobes. Don't let unwanted body hair keep you from rocking your warm weather clothes with confidence. Instead, consider laser hair removal for body hair that you want to permanently eradicate. Laser hair removal penetrates the skin with a laser that damages the hair follicles, slowing and ultimately preventing the regrowth of hair. Check out a few guidelines to ensure your laser hair removal is safe and effective during the summer months.

1. Know What Areas are Best-Suited for Summer Laser Hair Removal

It's a misconception that you have to avoid all types of laser hair removal during the summer months. Areas of the body that are usually covered by clothing or shielded from the sun are prime candidates for summertime laser sessions. Some areas of the body that you can usually safely have lasered during the summer include your underarms, bikini area, and buttocks.

Depending on your summer attire, the back and stomach may also be acceptable options. Avoid treating areas that receive excessive exposure to UV rays, like the face, arms, and legs, as it's hard to completely shield these areas from UV exposure. 

2. Understand the Guidelines for Prepping and Caring for the Removal Area

It's important to follow all of the recommendations for preparing the area prior to your laser session and caring for the treated area afterwards. Laser hair removal is less effective on tanned skin and tanned skin is damaged skin that can hinder the healing process; this makes it vital for you to wear sunscreen in the weeks before your appointment. Check that you're wearing sunscreen every day and re-applying it based on the product's recommendations.

You should also avoiding exfoliating or excessively scrubbing a newly lasered area. Both of these activities can irritate your already sensitive skin and interfere with the healing process.

3. Plan Your Appointments According to Your Summer Schedule

Even if your some of your summer plans involve indoor activities or outings where you won't be exposed to the sun, it's important to check that your intended activities are appropriate for newly lasered skin. For example, you'll likely need to avoid water-based activities (like swimming or going to a water park) for at least day or so after your treatment. This gives the treated skin a chance to properly heal.

Your doctor may also suggest that you avoid activities cause you to excessively sweat (such as exercising or relaxing in the sauna) for a few days after your laser session. Make sure to take your plans into account when scheduling your appointments.