4 Ways To Change Up Your Hair Color

If you often envy celebrities' hair and wish you could look like them, that might be a sign that you're getting bored with your current hairdo. Luckily, it's never been easier to get a hair makeover. All you need to do is pay a visit to your local hair salon. Here are four ways you can change up your hair color:

1. Balayage

Traditional highlights are placed using a highlighting cap or foils, and they result in even strips of color that look very artificial. Balayage, on the other hand, is a highlighting method that results in beautiful, natural-looking highlights. To do a balayage, your hairdresser will use a bleach solution to hand paint highlights into your hair. This gives better results, since your colorist has increased control over your highlight placement. Face-framing highlights can be particularly nice to emphasize your features.

2. Low lights

If you were born with naturally blonde hair, you may not need highlights. In that case, you can opt for low lights. Low lights are a way for your colorist to add darker hues into your hair for a richer, more vibrant color. If you've been thinking of dying your hair brunette, low lights are a great way to try it out without committing to all-over color right away. Low lights are also beautiful on natural redheads, since true red low lights can enhance auburn hair.

3. Fashion colors

Any unnatural hair color like blue, pink, or green is considered a fashion color, and fashion hair color is very trendy right now. If you want to do something original and fun, consider dying your hair one of these eye-catching colors. You can even choose more than one color. Stripes of rainbow-colored hair will set you apart from the crowd, and you'll look very unique. If you don't want all-over fashion colors, you can get a few strips of your favorite color layered into your natural hair.

4. Bleaching services

If you're feeling bored with your hair, it might be time to try something totally new. Going blonde is the ultimate hair makeover. It's a commitment, but it can be a lot of fun. If you want to dye your hair blonde, it's crucial that you have the process done by an experienced colorist. People with very dark hair may need more than one visit to the salon in order to achieve the desired level of blonde.

For more information about your options, contact hair coloring services in your area.