How To Get The Best Color For Your Hair And Maintain It To Avoid Fading

If you're planning on changing the color of your hair, there are a few things you should know. Some people make common and simple mistakes that are completely avoidable. If you'd like your hair to look amazing and you want to preserve the new color, you'll need to follow the right steps and use the right hair products.

See a Stylist For a Color Change

When doing something as drastic as changing the color of your hair, you should always see a stylist. The stylist has experience and uses top quality products to deposit the color, whether you're going lighter or going darker. If you can't afford to pay the salon prices, but you still want to change your hair color because you're tired of your current color, choose the right dye. Use salon-quality products that are better for your hair and are known to last longer so that you don't have to keep touching up the color every few weeks.

Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner you use after coloring your hair can have such a major impact on the longevity of your new color. It's best to purchase shampoo and conditioner from a beauty supply store or a local salon rather than purchasing it from a drugstore or grocery store. The cheaper shampoo and conditioner brands often contain harsh ingredients that strip the hair of its new color, causing fading to occur at a much faster pace.

After spending the money to have your hair colored, you probably want to maintain that color for as long as you can. If you do see a stylist, ask what he or she recommends for color-treated hair. There are several salon-quality brands known for their ability to keep the hair looking vibrant while preventing it from fading and damage.

Don't Wash Too Much

Although you should use shampoo and conditioning products that protect your hair and its new color when you're in the shower, you shouldn't wash your hair too much. Many women and men make the mistake of washing daily. However, exposing your hair to water on a constant basis could cause your new color to fade quicker. If you're worried about your hair looking greasy between washes, style your hair in an updo or use some dry shampoo to soak up that oil and leave your hair looking fresh.

If you're in need of a hair color change, try to see a stylist to avoid making mistakes when doing it on your own. Once you have your new color, you should do what you can to preserve the color for as long as possible, which includes using high-quality shampoo and conditioning products made for color-treated hair and not washing as often as you used to.

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