3 Excellent Services That Barbers Can Provide for Men

While a barber is obviously going to provide men's haircuts, there are also several other great services that they can offer for men as well. If your curious about these other services, this article will discuss 3 excellent services that a barber can provide for men. 

Straight Razor Shave

One of the most relaxing services that you are going to be able to get at the barber is a straight razor shave. The process begins with the barber placing a warm wash cloth on your face to soften the hair follicles and make them easier for removal. They will then use shaving cream, a straight razor, and their skilled hand to carefully shave all of the hair off of your face. During this time you can just lay there and relax, while all of your shaving is done for you. Once they are done with the shaving part, they will then place a cooling aftershave and then a lotion on your face to help reduce bumps and breakouts. 

Nose Hair Waxing

If you have nose hairs that are growing long and coming outside of your nose, many barbershops can take of them for your by waxing them. They will place warm wax onto a round stick that then goes up inside of your nose.  The hairs in your nose then stick to the wax, and with one quick pull, they will all be removed as the stick exits your nose. While this may sound painful, it is a very effective way to remove your nose hairs that are out of control. It is also going to be much less painful having a barber do it, than it would be to do it yourself. 

Shoe Shines

Because many barbershops like to provide services that are reminiscent of another era, they also often offer shoe shines to primarily please their customers. These were very common back in the day and were a great way to get your shoes cleaned while you were waiting for the bus, the train, or simply needed clean shoes for work. This service is offered at some barbershops and can be done either before, during, or after you are getting your other services taken care of. Your shoes will be polished using a special rag and polish, and will be shined until they look like new. 

To learn more about these and other services, be sure to contact your local barber