3 Natural Methods For Ridding Your Hair Of Lice

Lice are prominent in schools, and they can even end up breeding in your hair after a visit to an unsanitary hair stylist. Here are a few methods for getting rid of lice without using chemicals or prescribed medications. 

Try Salt and Vinegar

Salt and vinegar mixes help eliminate lice by destroying the eggs and adults. The mixture, which should be at a ratio of 1 to 1, can be applied to the hair directly. The salt and vinegar destroy eggs' membranes, while the salt itself dehydrates adult lice, killing them quickly. Remember that vinegar and salt both have acidic and drying properties. Because of that, you should always cover your hair in an oil, whether it's olive, vegetable, or coconut, after your hair has this mixture on it. 

Invest in a Good Comb

Nit combing is one of the only ways to truly rid the head of lice. You need to use a nit comb, which has very small bristles placed closely together. These pull insects and eggs out of the hair. If they're stuck on or don't seem to be coming out easily, considering getting the hair wet with oil first. This helps force the bugs out and can even drown them if left on long enough. Nit combing may work best if you first douse the hair in oil, sleep with it wet in a shower cap, and then comb. This method kills lice by drowning them and then makes them easier to pull out of the hair. 

Enjoy a Hot Blow Dry

Another thing that kills nits and lice is the hot air from a blow dryer. It's been shown that hot-air methods can kill nits, the egg form of lice, successfully, so if you've already eradicated the adults and want to make sure you don't have more eggs in your hair, this method can be successful. Bonnet dryers kill around 89 percent of nits and also take care of around 10 percent of live lice. Direct heat from a blow dryer can kill up to 98 percent of nits, helping cleanse the hair of eggs in just a few sessions. Just remember that if you've used any chemicals on your hair, this could result in chemical burns or catching the hair on fire; some pharmacy treatments for lice are flammable and can result in burns if they're heated too soon after application. 

These are a few natural hair lice treatments; try them and you'll see a quick reduction in nits and adults.