A Close One: Tips And Tricks For A Better Shave For Women

Shaving your legs can be an enormous hassle, but lots of women do it nearly every day. However, it can be a huge annoyance when you step out of the shower only to find out that your legs aren't quite as smooth as you like them, no matter how many times you go over the same spot. So what are you to do about the stubble that won't quit? If you're looking for a few tips and tricks to get a closer shave for your legs, then here's what you need to know.

Skip The Single

Your razor blade makes a huge difference in the closeness of the shave that you get – so the best thing you can do is to ditch that old single-bladed razor and upgrade it, preferably by four or five times. Razors with multiple blades provide a closer shave, while razors with just the solitary blade are more likely to miss hairs and to drag along your skin – which are both no-nos if you want your legs as smooth as they can be.

Go Down Before Up

Going against the grain of your hair will give you the closest shave – however, shaving down your leg before shaving up can actually help to get your leg hairs as short as possible. This is because shaving very short hairs is much easier for your razor, and it lowers the chances of your razor being too full of long hairs to get rid of every hair it passes. As an added bonus, after you shave down, your legs will be warmer and wetter, both of which add to the general closeness of a shave.

Shave At Sundown

Lots of people take showers first thing in the morning – and if you're one of those people, chances are good that this is when you shave your legs as well. However, in the morning, your skin is far puffier than it is at any other time of the day; that puffiness covers up the last little bit of leg hair poking out from your skin, and ensures that, if you shave while puffy, you'll have stubble once your skin calms down later in the day.

For the closest shave possible, try to shave your legs at night (even if that's not when you shower); you'll be able to reach more hair that way, preventing the stubble that comes from shaving at dawn.

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