Ready for a Change? Haircuts for Men Who Want to Go From Long to Short

Are you ready for a major makeover? You've had the same long hairstyle for years. But now you're ready for a change. Whether you don't have the time to care for your below-the-shoulder locks, are a recent grad who needs a professional style, or just want to switch things up, take a look at what you should know about haircuts for men and your options.

Do You Really Want or Need To Cut Your Hair?

A long-to-short cut is a serious style change. While some men are ready to make the leap, others are hesitant or even anxious. If you're not sure whether now is the right time to cut your hair, think about or list your reasons. Points such as, "My girlfriend says I should" or, "Because other people may like it better," aren't always valid reasons to make such a dramatic change. A long-to-short cut is something you should do for yourself—and not because your significant other or friends put pressure on you. 

Do You Need to Cut Off All Your Hair Right Now?

There's no universal answer to this question. Instead, the decision to go from below to above the shoulders (and how far above you want to go) depends on a few factors. Personal preference is the primary factor. If you want to make a significant change and feel that you're ready for an ultra-short style, go ahead and cut it all off. But if you want to take baby steps towards a new 'do, consider chin-length alternatives.

What Are the Best Short Cuts for Men?

Again, you won't find only one answer to this question. The top styles vary by year, age, and region. If you prefer a trend-forward look, model your next cut after a favorite celeb's style. Even though these types of cuts are popular or trendy, they aren't all the right choice for every face or every hair type. Before you choose a style, talk to a salon professional. They'll help you to understand if the short style will work with your hair's texture and face shape.

Along with hair texture and face shape-related issues, you also need to consider the reason for the cut. If you want a cut just to make a change, many different styles will work. But if you want to create a more professional appearance for a new job or new phase of your life, some cuts (such as mohawks) aren't appropriate.