3 Reasons To Choose A Med Spa Over A Traditional Spa

If you enjoy visiting a spa, then you may want to consider choosing a medical spa over a traditional one. Here are three ways that choosing a med spa over a traditional spa can benefit you.

Trained Doctors

Med spas have trained doctors and nurses that will assist you with your treatments. Having trained professionals can yield much better results. Dermatologists are often employed at med spas, as well as plastic surgeons in some cases. No matter what problem you are treating, you should be able to find a med spa that offers the right treatments for your condition. 

More Available Treatments

Because trained medical staff work at medical spas, a med spa can offer more treatments than a traditional spa.  Doctors can perform treatments such as Botox or Juvederm to minimize signs of aging. They can also do chemical peels at the spa. In addition to treating fine lines and wrinkles, chemical peels can help with acne problems and acne scars if the scars are not deep. 

Along with medical treatments, you can get the treatments that are offered at traditional spas. These include services like massages, seaweed wraps, salt glows, and facials. 

Med spas can range from clinical to luxurious, so if you are curious or have a specific treatment in mind don't forget to check out the spa's website or call ahead to check their available services. 

Monetary Savings

Botox and other treatments can be expensive. However, if you receive such treatments from a med spa, you may find yourself spending less money than you would at a traditional spa. However, the prices will still depend on which med spa you visit.

Depending on your insurance plan, your treatments may be covered so long as you receive treatment from qualified doctors. Most insurance companies will not cover treatments from a traditional spa with unqualified staff. 

Even small savings add up quickly if you go to a spa often. Visit or call a few spas in your area to determine if they take insurance and what type of insurance they take. Ask them for a list of prices for the treatments they offer so you can compare them to what you would pay elsewhere.

If you need to receive regular treatments or enjoy visiting a spa periodically, it's worth investigating the added benefits that the med spas in your area can offer you. Visit a med spa for yourself to experience their advantages.