Straightening Your Hair With Keratin Treatments

Your hair is one of the most noticeable features of your appearance, and this can lead to you needing to do a variety of treatments to keep your hair looking its best. In particular, keratin treatments are an effective way of managing curly hair.

How Do Keratin Treatments Benefit Your Hair?

One of the primary benefits of keratin treatments will be their ability to straighten curly hair. These treatments will leave the hair looking healthy, light, and vibrant while still providing for straight hair. Without the use of these treatments, you will have to use straightening irons or other short-term and damaging solutions.

Why Should You Look For Formaldehyde Free Keratin Treatment Options?

When choosing a hair straightening treatment to buy, you may want to avoid buying ones that include formaldehyde. One of the reasons to choose formaldehyde-free keratin hair treatments is due to the risk of the fumes that can be released when the formaldehyde is heated during blow-drying. Some individuals may assume that formaldehyde-free hair straightening treatments will be far less effective, but this is not the case as these products can offer the same level of straightening results while avoiding the potential exposure to formaldehyde fumes.

Are The Results Of Keratin Treatments Difficult To Maintain?

Some people may want the benefits of keratin hair treatments, but they may be under the impression that the results of these treatments will be difficult to maintain. However, these treatments can last for fairly long lengths of time with minimal maintenance needed. After the keratin hair treatment has been applied, you will want to minimize the amount that you wash your hair. In particular, this will be important during the first several days after your hair is treated. This will give the keratin the time it needs to bind to the hair so that it will wash out more slowly. If you can limit your hair washing to a couple of times a week, it may be possible for the treatment to provide results for many weeks or even months.

Can You Get Your Hair Cut After Receiving Keratin Treatments?

Some people might assume that it will not be advised to get their hair cut after receiving a keratin straightening treatment. Yet, this will typically not affect the results of the treatment. In fact, it is often recommended to wait until after the keratin treatment to get a hair cut. This can avoid the risk of damage from the cutting reducing the ability of the hair to absorb the keratin. 

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