Choices In Hair And Caps When You Want The Most Natural Looking Wig

If you're losing your hair or you just want a new look, you might be looking at wigs. There are so many choices in hairstyles, colors, and caps that it can be overwhelming. You might want to start by looking at human hair wigs. If you want the most natural look possible, human hair is a good choice. Here's why human hair wigs look like natural hair and some tips for buying a cap for a more natural look.

Why A Human Hair Wig Looks So Natural

Synthetic hair is often cut in a specific style and worn the same way all the time. In some cases, that might be an advantage if you don't want the fuss of styling your hair. If you want to roll, blow dry, straighten, color, or cut your wig, human hair could be a good choice. It reacts to treatments in the same way natural hair does since it's real hair. That can make you feel like your new hair is as natural as possible. Plus, human hair is more enjoyable if you love to style your hair every day and wear different hairstyles.

Human hair wigs look and feel natural because they are made with real hair. Synthetic hair doesn't have the same bounce or movement as human hair. Plus, less expensive synthetic hair has a shiny, stiff look. If it's important for the hair to look and feel like your real hair, then you may prefer a human hair wig. People won't even know it's not your own natural hair.

How The Cap Affects The Look Of The Hair

Hair is attached to caps in different ways, and that affects how natural the hair looks, and it also affects the cost. A lace-front style gives your hair a natural look at the front hairline. A monofilament cap makes it possible to part the hair in different ways and gives the appearance of the hair growing from your scalp.

A hand-tied wig is lighter and has more realistic hair movement than a machine-sewn cap. You may need to look at a variety of caps to find the type you like best and that fits your budget.

Most caps come in a standard size, but if your head is larger or smaller than average, be sure you buy according to your head size. You can measure your head and buy a human hair wig according to a sizing chart. This ensures the cap fit is right and looks the most natural when you wear it.

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