How To Use Shea Butter Coconut Hair Curling Cream

How can you use shea butter coconut hair curling cream to fight frizz? Take a look at the easy ways to add shine, texture, and the just-right amount of moisture to your curly style.

Choose the Perfect Product

When looking at products, you need to choose the perfect product for your hair type. Shea butter coconut hair cream provides the moisture dry, frizz-prone hair needs. It also works well for thick, curly hair. But if you have thin, straight, or oily hair, this type of product isn't likely to give you the luscious locks you want.

The selection process for the perfect product isn't an exact science. You may need to try a few different products (preferably trial sized at first) before you settle on one that truly works. If nothing works well, it's possible you aren't using the product correctly. Read on for more information on how to use a shea butter coconut cream.

Start with Wet Hair

Even though a shea butter-rich coconut curling cream product is silky smooth, it can still leave your locks crunchy or flat if you don't use it correctly. Follow the product's instructions exactly. Most of these curling products require a wet start. If you're tempted to towel dry first, don't. This can remove too much moisture from your hair.

After you wash and condition your tresses, finger comb the curling cream from the roots to the tips. If possible, avoid a brush. Brushes may distribute the cream evenly, but it can also damage your hair and disrupt your curls. When your fingers just won't work to detangle your hair or spread the cream evenly, a wide-toothed comb can help.

Smooth and Sculpt Your Hair

Use your fingers to feel for missing spots or clumps of cream. Smooth out the cream and gently scrunch your curls. Make sure the cream completely coats your hair before you scrunch. Failure to do so can result in an uneven look or leftover frizz. If you prefer not to scrunch, or the technique doesn't work for your hair type, gently twist sections of hair around your fingers to create damp ringlets.

Dry With a Diffuser

In a perfect world you have time to let your ringlets air dry. But that doesn't always happen. If you need to speedy drying time, use a diffuser. Try not to touch your hair too much while drying it, except to scrunch it.

Shea butter coconut hair cream can fight the frizz and leave you with a moisture-packed style. With a wet (not just damp) start and the right technique, these types of curling cream can give you lush locks that stay frizz-free all day. If you're interested on more information about curling creams and getting rid of frizzy hair, consult companies like 4th Ave Market.