Did You Get Tape-In Hair Extensions For Your Wedding? 3 Care Tips To Extend Their Longevity

Many women first try out hair extensions when they want to look their best for a special occasion, and your wedding is the perfect reason to give long, lush locks a try. Now, you love the way your hair looks with enhancements, and you are considering keeping the look up even after you say your vows. Whether you hope to keep your new hairstyle through your honeymoon or just want to look this amazing for as long as possible, use these tips to preserve the longevity of your tape-in hair extensions.

Use Caution With Oil-Based Products

One of the primary features of this type of hair extension is the special adhesive that is used to bond the strands to your scalp and natural hair. Unlike other types of extensions, the flat tape allows them to be placed as close to your natural hair roots as possible so that they are virtually undetectable once they are professionally placed. While the bonding material is designed to withstand normal amounts of oil that come from your scalp, it can be weakened by excessive exposure to oil-based hair products such as those containing coconut or argan oils. If your hair requires oils to keep it from drying out or going frizzy, apply these products starting at the mid-point along the shaft of your hair.

Avoid Exposure to High Heat

The adhesive on tape-in extensions is also sensitive to heat. While you can still blow dry and style your hair as normal, you will need to avoid using the highest heat setting. This same tip also applies to other forms of heat styling tools such as hair straighteners and curling irons. You can also avoid exposing the tape strip to heat by avoiding the use of styling tools on the roots of your hair, and consider using a heat protection spray on the parts of your hair that you style to prevent the strands from drying out.

Learn to Care for Wet Hair

Every type of hair is more fragile when it is wet. After washing your hair, avoid tugging on the strands as you brush it out. Instead, gently hold your hair at the base of the root as you brush in downward motions so that the tape is not pulled loose. You should also avoid sleeping with wet hair, since this can lead to tangles and frizz that detract from the beauty of the extensions.

Caring for your new hair extensions is very similar to how you should take care of your natural locks. However, you will need to take your hair care routine one step further by making sure not to expose the tape to pressure, heat, or chemicals that could cause it to lose its bond. By following these tips, you can look forward to enjoying your new look until the normal recommended time for them to be adjusted.